Saturday, October 22, 2016

Daily Living

We closed up the beach house last weekend which is the earliest we ever closed the house. Bill wanted to head out to the mountains or out western Pennsylvania to photograph the Fall foliage so we are off to Carlisle this morning.

In the meantime here are some pictures from our last weekend at Cape May.

 We had dinner with my father then headed out to the beach to capture the sun set and the full moon rise. It was a magical evening.

Two weekends ago we took Aubree to visit my parents (her great grandparents) at their home in Washington Crossing.

Aubree loves her grandmother "Mar" and makes herself very comfortable when she visits my parents.
Aubree is nearly two years old and repeats every word anyone says. She is also a Daddy's Girl and it is really sweet to hear her talking to her Daddy, (My son Josh). It is even funnier to hear her tell my son, "NO DADDY" when he asks her "What are you up to, Aubree"?

Aubree is a gift from God  and the gift of Aubree, my littlest grandchild, has brought me so much joy over the last two years.

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