Sunday, February 05, 2017

What a fun weekend. I will never get tired of traveling with my grandchildren. The time together creating memories and experiencing adventures and new things is amazing. If you have never viewed the world through younger eyes you do not know of the joy you miss. This weekend to the mountains included Aubree, my youngest grandchild. It was the first time she traveled on a trip with myself, Bill and the boys. She has gone down to the shore house a few times, but she has never experienced " a trip where she was included with the other grandchildren. I was not sure how they would all make out due to the age differences so I was pleasantly surprised at how good the boys were with her. Shaun helping her with her coat and putting her into the car seat to carrying her around to keeping an eye on her that she did not get into mischief. Nikolas watching children shows on his I-Pad with her as they sat on the roll away bed or sofa together. The weekend to Lake Harmony was planned a few months back at the suggestion of my sister Marianne who wanted to celebrate her son Gregory's 21st birthday in the mountains. Since Marianne sold her Arrowhead Lake house last year, she decided to rent a house big enough for her entire family in Lake Harmony. I had thoughts of doing the same however my boys were unable to go so I rented a suite at Split Rock which was a seven minute ride from where Marianne was staying. My parents also rented a suite at Split Rock. And to the horror of my grandchildren I took lots of pictures something they will thank me for later when I am long gone from this world.

                                                February 3rd = beginning of our road trip.

               Birthday Dinner and Celebration which included lots of family fun and laughter.

This is Us
Starting from left to right with the (first row) Sophia, Joe, Christopher, Ron, (Second Row) Nikolas, Marianne with her arm on Collin, Gregory, Mom, Myself holding Aubree, Dad, (Third row) Shaun, Joseph, Chrissy, Nicole, Antonia and Bill

                When we arrived at our suite in Split Rock, someone had to try out the Hot Tub.

Morning of February 4th = one very active two year old, one sleepy 15yr old and another sleepy 12yr old.

                                 Time to explore the resort and have a little breakfast.

                                                             Indoor Water Park Time

                             Waiting for Pop Pop to pull up in the jeep so we can head out to dinner.

Dinner at Shenanigan's where one grandson orders Filet Mignon and the other grandson orders Crab Cakes. Good thing the granddaughter is still getting a Kid's meal. I had the Guinness Pot Roast and Bill had the Pasta with a Vodka Sauce. Everyone enjoyed their meals.

February 5th = cartoon watching then checking out and exploring Lake Harmony before stopping for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Last but not least singing and dancing "Do you love me" in route to home from the mountains via jeep and embarrassing your 15yr old grandson.

And as full as my heart was spending these precious days making memories with these wonderful kids, there were moments when I could feel that empty spot in my heart for Ava. She is missing out on the memories and her cousins. That makes me feel sad for all the kids.

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