Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Decisions, Reality, Avoidance, Moving On

We are contemplating a major change in our lives. We have until the 20th of March to decide if we want to renew our current lease or move into this house. Apartment living has its benefits especially where we currently reside with our doorman and amenities such as a pool and gym not to mention the basic upkeep of the place as we do not even have to change out a light blub if we so do chose. We have ample space with our high ceilings and large rooms and walk in closets. Though we could use additional space such as a room for Bill to work on his photography. The design of the house would give us that space plus a little more however it comes with a price tag

It also means we need to make a decision in regards to the house in Roxborough. A decision I have placed out of my mind for six years. It is time I came to terms with it so I can move on. Though I believe I have moved on from those dark days I do not believe I have moved on 100%. I feel stuck and very indecisive about this house in Roxborough. It does not help that I was raised Irish Catholic which equals a belief in superstition. You know the usual stuff. Do not open an umbrella in the house or place your shoes on the table as well as a belief in jinxes. Can a house be evil? Can a house be bad luck? Can a priest bless a house to remove evil? Bill suggested I speak with a priest as to ease my mind. Then of course there is that known fact of "one cannot go back". Going back changes nothing. Which takes me right back to decisions. I feel like I have lost my self-confidence in the decision making process. Just because one avoids does not mean it no longer exists. I added some pictures of the house in Blue Bell that we may or may not move into. It has 2.5 baths, 3 bedrooms and a den.

 It has ample closet space.

A stair case that separates the living and dining room.

 The house is in a community and the community has amenities such as a pool, gym, tennis and basketball courts and a playground. There is also a creek complete with ducks.

It is a community of townhouses and the house we are considering looks out into a field vs. a parking lot. 

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