Monday, March 20, 2017

We Said No to the House

After careful consideration and in-depth conversation, we decided to forego the house in Blue Bell. We decided to focus on the property in Roxborough and get it ready to sell. We have already notified our tenant via certified letter of our plans and contacted a realtor. The plan is to list it by June 1st. In the interim we will stay here on a month to month lease until we can assess the situation as events unfold. I think it is time I came to terms one way or another with the house. Yes. I could continue to rent it however I am not the landlord type and I never ventured out to be a landlord. It came upon me at a time when I needed to move out in a hurry because I did not feel safe. Six years have past and now it is time to address the house issue. We notified the development in Blue Bell of our plans to withdraw from the town house and though we lost some money on the deposit, I am content with the decision. It is time I move on because I have been stuck.

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