Monday, March 19, 2018

Finally An Update

I am not doing a good job keeping up with this blog. I am so busy counseling, and teaching as well as spending time with family that I can never find a moment to write. Today, I have the day off because I worked all weekend so the dog and I are chilling in between doing some chores around the house. In the meantime, I am going to post a few pictures of what life has been like since Christmas.

We celebrated the marriage of Shaun and Rita with a family dinner. With the marriage of Shaun and Rita, Shaun inherited a daughter, my grandsons Shaun & Nikolas inherited a sister which made me a grandmother to Raina. She is not only  beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside. My daughter-in-law Rita is smart, educated, beautiful, kind and a great mom.


The same day we celebrated their marriage, they surprised me with a birthday cake.

 We celebrated other birthdays. First we celebrated Joshua's birthday January 25th then Lynee's birthday February 27th.

My colleagues at work surprised me with a cake as I turned 58y on February 14th.

We saw a lot of snow this past month.

We headed out to the convention center to experience the Flower Show.

We introduced Aubree to our St Patrick's Day Tradition.

Mom and Dad rescued a new pup.

The grandsons are really growing up.

My grandson Shaun just finished up with his basketball season.

And attended his high school football team's banquet.

Not too mention he is already receiving information for college.

Of course there is always This and That.

The Easter Dress

Bill and I will be taking the boys (grandsons) to New York over their Easter break from school so we will not be home to see the girls (granddaughters). It has been our tradition to travel over Easter break with one or both boys. It is our special time with them. We have spent past Easter breaks traveling to Ireland, Canada, Washington DC, Mountains and God willing next year I would love to take them to England or Scotland. Our travels are filled with history lessons and experiencing new cultures. Though I have not seen Ava in several years, I know she is doing well in school and is involved in various activities. I pray that one day we will be reconnected.  I send cards on holidays and birthdays. I receive some updated pictures of her from time to time however I was asked not to post them on this blog. Hopefully, one day I will able to post them. For now I must remain content with what is permitted. It bothers me that I am not seeing her grow up and she has lost all connection with the paternal side of her family. None of these decisions were in my control. I remain thankful to God and the Blessed Mary for providing me and those who I love the continued strength to move forward. I thank God and the Blessed Mary for the gift of Aubree who has brought me so much love and joy at a time of great pain and sorrow. I have so much to be grateful for and I appreciate every moment of my life from work to family to husband  to friends to my dog.