Thursday, February 15, 2007

Only A Family Genealogist Would Do Something Like This

Dr. Schumann founded the Ob/Gyn department in 1928 at Roxborough Hospital. My grandmother had her first child here in 1931. I wonder if all babies were born at home prior to the opening of this ward since it is the only hospital in the neighborhood's immediate area.
Yeah, that's me walking down the hospital hallway with IV poll in my lovely hospital gown and why is Bill taking a picture of me in the hospital you may be wondering. (because we are freaks) Well, it is because I discovered if I walked down this hall it would take me over to the "old" hospital building and you know how we love to investigate stuff like that.
I was born here at Roxborough Hospital along with all my other siblings. My three uncles, Billy, Jack and Gene were also born here but Roxborough stopped delivering babies about 8 years ago and today the old labor/delivery/nursery/maternity ward are used for storage. Of course, we just had to walk through here and do a little research in the process. Hey, why waste a hospital admission when you can do a little research. This is a photograph of the very small nursing station and the nursery window across the hall.
Again it is I who is walking through the "old" maternity ward. I wonder which room my mother was in?
During my walk through this hidden part of the hospital, I asked Bill to photograph these because they are the names of some of the OB/GYN doctors that once worked here.
Back here (yes, we opened the door) are the "old" labor/delivery rooms. As you can see, the area is now used for storage.

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