Saturday, October 03, 2015

Saturday Morning

It was cute to see my middle son write a paper last night for school. He is in an accelerated program at Villanova and goes to class Friday nights 6 to 930 then all day Saturdays 9 to 4. His immediate goal is to be a Certified Recovery Specialist in the Drug & Alcohol field. Once he completes his classes, he will sit for a state board exam. He really loves being a student at Villanova and I am happy he has a foreseeable goal.

My oldest son also returned to school this Fall. He is a part time student at Community College taking English Literature and an English Writing Course. He told me the events surrounding his youngest brother prompted him to return to school and his goal is to major in Criminal Justice.

Both boys are doing really well in their classes. One boy was writing a paper at the dining room table late last night while I was on the phone with the other boy who told me he just finished up a paper for his English class. The boys are all adults in their 30's.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Their mother seems to always be in a classroom too and she is nearing retirement and a grandmother.

Bill and I are going to take the grandsons to the movies tomorrow to see Hotel Transylvania. Seems to be an appropriate movie for this time of the year. Aubree's Halloween costume arrived yesterday. Josh wanted her to be "Pebbles" for her first Halloween and amazingly we found a costume online and had it shipped.

Yesterday, I ordered her party dress from Macy's for her first Christmas and/or first birthday which is December 21st. It is black velvet on the top and white organza on the bottom with a red stash and rose flower at the waist. I also ordered black Maryjane's.

I will not mentioned I also ordered two pair of boots for me:) The boots are the same design just different colors. Everyone must have a new pair of black and brown boots for the new season. Last week it was two new pairs of flats in black and nude colors.

Bill and I stayed home from the shore this weekend because of the rain though I wonder if we should have went down to check on the house since there have been high winds and flooding in the area and our backyard  is the "wet lands". I am sure the community will contact us if there are any issues as they did last year when a tree fell on our screen room. We will be closing up the house soon for the winter.

Winter. It will be here before we know it!

Then, the holiday season and all its craziness will be upon us. I am already thinking about what to buy for Christmas gifts though most gifts will be in the form of cash or gift cards. Unless the older grandchildren ask for something specific, they will probably receive cash/gift cards. As they get older they have specific tastes therefore it is difficult to buy for them. Reservations have been made for months now to celebrate Nikolas's birthday at the resort in the mountains which we do every November. This year I reserved a one bedroom suite because the boys are older and require more room than a basic hotel room. Pretty soon, we will be reserving connecting rooms. It still blows my mind that Shaun is 14 years old and a Freshman in high school. I am just glad he still likes to hang out with his grandparents and never turns down a movie date or weekend away.

Anyway to close this post, let me share this week's pictures,

Mom came to visit.

My adorable girl Aubree came to visit.

Tasting Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream minus the chips with grandma.

Swimming in her Minnie Mouse Tub.

The girl is always crawling under tables to investigate.

The Pope was in town.

Winter clothes shopping for Aubree.

I am in a wine club where we taste test wines and write about them. This was this week's wine.

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