1 - I can continue to try to make them understand, but the only thing I will accomplish is to frustrate myself even more. Which means that I keep walking on the insanity treadmill.

 2 - I can stew over the unfairness of it and stay bitter and harbor resentments. I'm miserable but the unsafe people in my life are not miserable at all. For them life goes on as usual.

 3- I can admit and accept that in this situation that I am powerless. In order for me to really do this, I have to dissect the situation and understand how I got caught up in it in the first place. It is important to learn what I need to do to ensure that I do not put myself in this situation again. You might say being fore warned is being fore armed.

The choice really is ours to make. So I ask you, why throw ourselves under the bus because we demand to be right about something that we cannot control or change?

Even though initially it galled me to admit my powerlessness I have learned that it is better to cut my losses and move on. I have also learn that these people are unsafe for me and in the future I try to keep my exposure to them to a minimum.   Before I react to things that are out of my control I must determine if it was important enough to sacrifice my peace of mind over. We can win the battle and lose the war - or we can ask ourselves how important is it?