Thursday, November 30, 2006

Diary Of A Honeymoon Part II

Day 4 “A Bilingual and Multicultural Metropolis”

Destination is Montreal considered one of the most romantic metropolis’s in the province of Québec. Since the city is just over a hundred miles drive from where we are staying in Stowe, Vermont, we will get ourselves an early start.. After three days of a mountainous region and all that it is has to offer (not), I am in the mood for the excitement only a city such as Montréal could provide with its upscale dining, shops and museums.

It will also be interesting to see how the French Canadians react to someone from the “Well Hated United States”. I expect a cold shoulder but hope to be surprised with some form of kindness. Time for tell. Stay tuned.

Je Me Souviens (I Remember)

And I will truly always remember the hospitality of Quebec. Less then five minutes after we drove through the border into Canada, we were pulled over by a cop and given a ticket for speeding. If you are not familiar with the metric system or the French language as was the case for Bill then you will have a little trouble reading the signs. However, having a cop waiting for those poor suckers called Americans to cross into their country with signs that say ‘maximum 90” the first thing that crosses your mind is Hey, they are allowed to drive up to 90 miles per hour on this road. When what they really mean is 90k not 90m. 90k is only 55 miles an hour. Bill was driving 65 miles per hour at the time we were pulled over. Then when she handed us the ticket she told us we had to pay it before WE WERE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. Worst thing to say to me, I may add. Because though I believe in following the rules and paying my bills in a timely fashion, I do not respond well to being threaten as in being Allowed To Leave the Country. We continued on our route to Montréal though I had a very sour taste in my mouth for these French Canadians.

Then she pulled us over again. What the hell, I thought to myself. This time she wanted the back copy of the ticket for her records. Ok now I felt totally violated and since she pulled us over “again” fifteen minutes after she gave us that ticket, I felt as if we were being followed.

I have been to Canada before but in the English speaking Ontario. I really liked being there and thought a trip back into Canada on the French side would be of interest. I cannot speak French very clearly but I can read the language well thanks to having two years of French in school. While we drove I could read all the signs clearly and was fascinated by my ability to do so. Some road signs were very easy to read such as Nord for North or Quest for West and Bill could make out those signs well. Many others were not so easy so it was fun to tell him what they said.

But after being stopped twice I could not feel comfortable in this country and wanted to turn back around which we did before even getting to our destination. Then I recalled that threat of having to pay that damn ticket before leaving the country. Hell with that, we were leaving before doing so and when we get back home I will think about whether or not I want to pay it. I did not even want to stop to eat, buy gas (which was 92.9 cents a gallon) or even pee in this place. I will keep my American dollars to myself and spend them in America, thank you…

I have to tell you that nothing felt better or safer then pulling up to immigration on the US side and speaking with an American. I was even pleased that he searched our trunk before he allowed us back into Vermont. I took notice that anyone going into Canada just stopped for a moment then drove across the border. But to get back over to the US, you waited in a line. I was never so grateful for a line. And the first thing I did after we crossed the border into Vermont was I peed. Second thing we did was stop and eat. Bill took this opportunity to tell me how very pig headed and stubborn I was. He is oh soooo right.

Some other tidbits of this trip into Quebec besides gas being dirt cheap, most homes still had the old fashion television antennas on their roofs. We drove through a lot of flat farm land. I noticed they had a Burger King, McDonalds and Ford Motor. A lot of French Canadians were driving Buicks. The police did not pull over anyone with Quebec license plates even though they were driving much faster than those with US plates.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Diary of a Honeymoon

Day 1 “The Travel Day”

We got a late start this morning to our New England State of choice, Vermont. The late start had a lot to do with cleaning up the messy Bed & Breakfast Room I checked into the night before the wedding with my sister and daughter-in-law then spent the wedding night in with my new husband.

Because we (Marianne, Trish & I) returned late from our Saturday of Beauty, (pretty close to 415p for a 5p ceremony) we tore off our clothes and threw them everywhere so we could get dressed and arrive close to if not at 5p to the Inn across the road. I will write about our day of pampering, hair and makeup at a later date.

We got our directions “via” internet (big mistake) and ended up taking a scenic route through North Jersey before we headed into the state of New York. It was not the nicest part of the state of New Jersey neither I might add. The idea was to avoid Manhattan at all costs so that we did not end in traffic and become more easterly directed then needed. Once we did get through New Jersey the drive through New York’s Catskill Mountains was beautiful.

It was the first time I ever saw these mountains though I grew up surrounded with its stories. You see, my grandfather was an avid hunter in the Catskills along with his brother-in-law Coll and Coll’s son Buddy. Grand pop had more stories about his adventures as a hunter.

We drove passed Woodstock before we headed to Albany and decided to spend the night somewhere north of the city. We stopped at an Inn in Saratoga Springs both exhausted from the day’s drive though I must admit I did not drive even one mile. Bill drove while I read the Sunday paper, drank my coffee and ate a sesame seed bagel. Yeah, married life is so hard…….

DAY 2 “Destination Green Mountain Inn”

We got on the road before 9am and left what is known as the 3 H’s, Saratoga Springs, New York, the place known for its Health (springs), History (revolutionary war) and most importantly for the folks up here, Horses as in Horse Racing.

As we drove up Route 4N, we passed a town called Schuyerville. In this town we came across a sight never seen in our everyday part of the country called Philadelphia. It was a small waterfall with steam or at least the appearance of steam that flooded the air. We passed several other small farm towns before we arrived in the well known ski town of Killington. Because of the unseasonably warm temperatures, the ski areas were closed. Of course this cannot be good for the local economy which draws tourists into their town for the popular winter sport. The weather was even too warm for “fake” snow so the slopes were brown and dry.

From Killington to Stowe (our final destination) we drove miles and miles through what I can only call “Hillbilly Bob-like” towns where anyone close to the human species would only survive in these towns if they were actually born here. I did not see one supermarket of any kind let alone a mall that may have a store on site. (Where do they shop? I would surely have Macy’s withdrawal if I lived here.) However, we did see signs such as “Moose, Deer or Cattle Crossing”.

As a city girl born and raised, I could never survive in a town like this. Yes, the scenery is beautiful and peaceful but I would need Kohl’s or Macy’s and the occasional Starbucks and of course a pharmacy for my Zoloft refills. And then there is the question of entertainment. What do the folks do for enjoyment? Sit and wait for a Moose to walk by or spend Saturday night at the Pork and Bear Bar? (Bill took this opportunity to tell me I would never make it as a pioneer.)

Then there are the names of the people, places and things here in the farmland of Vermont. Check below for a few examples.

1) Small dog electronics
2) Poverty Road
3) Yestermorrow
4) Church of the Crucified One with a preschool called Precious Moments

Late afternoon we made it to the Inn and I must tell you it was beyond my expectations. The suite was absolutely amazing with its king size canopy bed complete with down comforters that sat right in right of a gas fire-place and had a hot-tub in the same room. The bathroom had a large two person glass enclosed shower with gold fixtures and a make-up vanity. Did I mention the dressing room with the double glass pane doors? It was beautiful and perfect for our first week as a married couple.

DAY 3 “Tree Huggers & Metric Along With Dried Out Food and Of Course the Many Tourist Traps Known as Country Stores”

Ok so the food up here has a lot to be desired. I think they have this terrible habit of overcooking everything as was in the case with last night’s very expensive filet. The filet was so tough I could have knocked out Hulk Hogan with it. This morning we had breakfast at this quaint (dingy) road-side diner called Munchies where the pancakes were so dry they actually stuck to my ribs. But hey, I traded a chance to eat a gourmet muffin and coffee at one of the many chic bakeries up here so that Bill & I could drive miles just so he could eat an egg all for the sake of marriage.
Speaking of food, there were barely any places in which to eat breakfast since most places open for breakfast were bakeries that served items such as rolls, cider donuts, muffins and breads especially the “very delicious and popular “Honey Oatmeal bread.

On the same subject, (food) we actually did have a decent meal today at the New England Culinary Institute in the state’s capitol Montpelier which I might add is a beautiful little town that reminds you of the Victorian Age that is German with a French Flare. It was also the first time I saw in this modern age of funeral homes/directors referred to as undertakers on the signs outside their establishments. We decided to drive out to Montpelier after a very disappointing trip out west to the city of Burlington to see Lake Champlain. Since the weather was cloudy and rainy, you could not see the lake because of the dense fog over the water and I was not impressed at all with the city itself because it reminded me of the factories of North Jersey.

Some of the things we noticed on our daily trip today were the many French Canadian radio and television stations that are common here in Northern Vermont and their use of the metric system. Also we have encountered a few interesting names of the people, places and things around here as are listed below.

1) The farm between
2) No school snowboard shop
3) Beagle factory

Then we need to take this opportunity to tell you that everywhere you turn you see Teddy Bear Factories, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Maple Syrup. And when I say Maple Syrup, I mean as in maple syrup lollipops, candles, sugar and of course its syrup. I call this the state where to be a dentist is probably a lucrative trade to be in. Sucking on maple syrup lollipops cannot be good for one’s teeth no matter how you view it.

Tomorrow’s destination, Montreal in Québec….

Monday, November 27, 2006

Twenty-Six Years Ago On This Date

This wonderful man called my grandfather died.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sum It Up

The week is almost at a close and this post may be my last for a while. I will be bringing my laptop to Vermont with the idea of downloading pictures from my camera but as far as Internet access, that is yet to be determined.

The rehearsal and the dinner that followed was a blast but that had a lot to do with my crazy sister (no one can make me laugh out loud more) who for most of the evening was known as simply "Matilda", the name given to her by yet the second craziest person in the room known as our "Minister". Let us just say that our Minister dragged out the rehearsal so long with his constant yapping and preaching that "Tilly" kept trying to keep him in line by her "Let's just move it along attitude". I have no idea why the Minister thought my sister Marianne's name was Matilda but since he called her that name we decided to let the name stick for the rest of the night. At one point when I referred to my sister as "Marianne", the Minister asked me (with a look of total confusion) "who is Marianne"? Another sister, perhaps?

Then there were the "two mothers" who walked and stood so close together during their part in the ceremony that it was as though those two were being married. At one point, Bill's father said "I hope we have a video camera at the ceremony just to capture those two together on tape".

Another funny sight that evening was looking down the dinner table and watching my Dad sip an Apple Martini. What ever happen to VO on the Rocks, Dad?

The dinner was held at Kildares, an Irish pub located on trendy Main Street in Manayunk. Of course being a pub with its Sport's Bar Atmosphere meant television and television meant that at least one of them would have hockey and so at one point Bill's brother Jerry removed himself from the party and placed his ass with direct access to view the game or (maybe he was just trying to get a glimpse of his wife and son ). You remember the two family members who have their family priorities in order? So what if the mother-in-law/grandmother is dying, the hockey game is so much more important...

Ok so I am a bitch, a self-righteous one at that. But as it has been stated numerous times before "Writing is the best revenge". So if I cannot say what I think to the person's face involved (without causing a public scene and subsequent family outrage over that public display of family disloyalty) then at least I can use the power of the written word and to this I am extremely grateful.

There were others who did not make it to the family dinner but their reasons were justified. (as per defined by me) Bill's sister Joan and her husband got stuck in the middle of the Nor'easter as they drove up from North Carolina. The same thing happened to his Aunt Sue as she drove up from Florida. My brother Michael and my Uncle Jack are not expected in until Friday. Michael is driving from Tennessee. Uncle Jack is flying in from Texas. On the way to the dinner, Nikolas threw up in the car. Not once did he throw up but three times. Of course, Shaun had to turn around and go home.

Then there were those who were feeling pretty "punky" but made the effort anyway. Bill's mom who flew up from Florida and who attended not only the rehearsal but the dinner itself. A woman who is clearly unstable on her own two feet. Who looks pale and drawn and tired and wore a wig because she is bald from chemo. My son Joseph who attends school full time while he holds down a full time job. He was visibly exhausted with a sore throat and fever but he took Tylenol and made it through the night even though we offered to drive him home early if he could not make it through the evening.

As I write this post I am reminded of what I wrote on "Our Family History, A Journey Into The Past" about those types of family members we all have. Here is that paragraph.

I have always considered my family as your everyday typical ordinary family. We do the same things other families do. We celebrate birthdays and weddings. We attend graduations and funerals. We laugh together. We cry together. We even fight together. We have the givers and the takers. We have the devoted caretakers. We have the too serious and the too sensitive. We have those with the sense of humors. We have the practical jokers. Some act like victims. Some act like heroes. We have the eccentric. We have the dramatic. But, this is who we are and who we are today is a direct result on where we came from.

So in Modern Day Psychological terms we can just blame all our faults on our parents who then in return can blame their parents and so on and so on......................................

But then came Thanksgiving Day and all was merry. I really mean it when I say merry. And I really mean merry as in Norman Rockefeller merry. We had a wonderful dinner at my sister's house. I brought the ham. She made the turkey and everything else. (sounds good to me) I enjoyed the company of my parents and nieces and all those other people (from the lonely heart's club) my sister always includes. Food was delicious. Company was fun. Then off to the Cannon side of the family across the river and through the woods to the far "opposite" side of town.

Since I have the domestic skills of a headless squirrel I did not take anything baked, cooked or even close to that to Jerry and Doreen's house. (yes, the hockey gang folks) I brought them the closest thing to domestic that I ever get, a Lenox ornament. I have learned over the years that keeping a supply of Housewarming gifts in one's hallway closet comes in handy when one is invited to an event but does not have the time to purchase a last minute item to take. I also keep a handy supply of gift bags, wrapping paper and cards too.

The entire sibling clan of Bill's parents were all together in one room and when I sat there with them it occurred to me that in a few short days I will have become one of them. Molly seem a little better in the mentally, spiritually and physically sense of the word. I know it was a happy occasion for her and she is looking very forward to the wedding but I sensed a certain sadness in her so I sat next to her and held her hand and told her how happy I was to have her in my life. I told her I loved her and she was a wonderful role model because although she has faced so much pain in the last six months, she came through as a trooper. I strongly believe in the will to live and to see this particular son married has given her the fight. But what will happen after she sees that son get married? Her health is so fragile. I am afraid to think it let alone say it but I do not think she will be with us this time next year. As a matter of fact after seeing her these two days, I do not think she will even be here next spring.

And then I must eat crow as it is only fair to do so because after concluding in my mind that Doreen was probably a cold uncaring individual, she goes and rips that mental conclusion right out from under me by giving us a most thoughtful and caring gift. It is a family genealogy tree, something as close to our hearts as anything else because both Bill & I are avid genealogists. Then to add sugar on the wound, she gives us a gift certificate as a Housewarming gift. Then tells us that by no means is this our wedding gift.

Crow is hard to eat and not very tasteful. But what must be done must be done.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

From Our Family To Yours

Happy Turkey Day!!

Anatomy Of A Family

Holiday time is once again upon us and to many folks it means the start of Holiday Family Time or lack thereof for some of us. Families get together for the sake of bringing some holiday cheer, to spread love and good fortune. This year for Bill & I it also means a wedding and all the things that go along with it.

His terminally ill mother flew up from Florida and for most of us it symbols probably the last trip up here. September's pathology report stated (I read it) that she has non-small cell lung carcinoma that has metastasized to her brain, bone, spleen and colon. Radiation Therapy has shrunk the brain tumors and thus has made her more aware and lucid. Chemotherapy has been shrinking the other tumors but in reality it is only a temporary measure because once cancer spreads in this fashion, it is a matter of treatment to control tumor growth not cure it. She was given three months to one year with treatment so I believe this will be her last trip up here and it will be for a joyous occasion because it is the long awaited wedding of her second eldest child in a family of five. Tonight begins a week of wedding festivities with the rehearsal dinner.

Originally the plan was to have a small rehearsal followed by a small dinner because it falls on the evening before the Thanksgiving Holiday and is being held on the busiest travel day of the year. That changed when a certain mother (groom) called me and asked me how many were coming to the dinner. When I told her ten she responded with "that is all"? The following day I called my future father-in-law to explain (as is my fashion) why the dinner was to be small. Not only was it for the reasons I stated above but with buying a new house, paying for a wedding and being out of work myself for five months, I did not want to spend a large sum on a rehearsal dinner. His response was "I should have told you that I was paying for it because I would like to have all the siblings invited in addition to my sister and her husband". He said "the more the merrier" in typical Irish fashion. But deep down inside I knew the real reason. His wife is ill and to have the entire family together for a happy celebratory meal was important. I relented and everyone received a telephone call and was invited which brings me to the topic of families and more importantly to the topic of how many interesting and very inventive excuses people can have just to avoid a "situation" in which they have no desire to be involved in.

Hockey Game. That is the last of the many excuses I have heard on "why" they cannot attend a family dinner. The daughter-in-law and the grandson of the woman who is terminally ill and most probably will not be around for many more dinners that include all her children and their families under one roof thinks it is more important to attend a Flyers Hockey Game. Honestly, I do not understand some people. Honestly, I could care less who does or does not show up for Bill & I. But let's have a little compassion for Molly.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of those excuses I have heard over the last month since it is Thanksgiving and all.

"I will be tired"
"Too much traffic"
"Working late that night"
"You live out of our way"
"I am sure I will not be able to get a babysitter"
and my very favorite....."I am going to a hockey game". PRICELESS REALLY.

Monday, November 20, 2006

More Information Then I Needed To Know

Like when I made a telephone call and the husband told me, "She cannot come to the phone right now because she has been sitting on the toilet constipated".

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Robert Pester "The Son-In-Law"

I did a little research on Collum McCaffery's son-in-law, Robert Pester. Though he is only related by marriage to us through his union with Collum McCaffery's daughter Anna, I researched his background to find more McCaffery clues. So here is a little information for you on this man.

Robert Pester was born in Port Leydan New York on April 4th, 1891. His father was named Mattheiu. His mother was named Cora. Robert had many brothers and sisters but by the time he was a teenager, he resided with his maternal grandparents (LeFlar). According to World War I records, Robert was married, lived on Hermitage Street and had one child. He was listed as being 6ft with blue eyes and light colored hair, a fair complexion and stout.

At age 50 years, Robert registered for the World War II draft. During this time in 1941-1942, his wife Anna was no longer listed. Next of kin listed on his draft records was his son also named Robert Pester. Address at time of registration was 145 Kalos Street in the Wissahickon section of Philadelphia. He was also listed as being an employee of Midvale Steel 4300 Wissahickon Avenue. His son Robert Pester took over the Hermitage Street house.

Of interest; another Midvale Steel employee. It appears that nearly every male Gallagher, Keller and McCaffery relative worked at Midvale Steel from the late 1920's until they closed in the early 1970's. Here is just a small list of fellow Midvale Steel employees, William Gallagher I (grandpop's father), John Keller II (Uncle John), William Gallagher II (grandpop), William Gallagher III (Uncle Billy), John Gallagher (Uncle Jack), Collum Gallagher (Uncle Gene), Collum McCaffery (Uncle Coll), Robert Pester.

According to the Social Security Index records, Robert Pester's son, Robert Pester was born October 22nd, 1917 and died in December 1976. He was listed as living in Manayunk at the time of his death.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Trail Of The Coll's

Collum McCaffery (1860) immigrated to Philadelphia from Ireland in 1875.

Collum McCaffery (November 18th, 1899) known as Uncle Coll. He was Grandmom's cousin and married to grandpop's sister.

Collum McCaffery (July 25th, 1924) known as Buddy.

Collum McCaffery (January 21st, 1952)

Friday, November 17, 2006


Collum McCaffery had four children not three, Anna, Katie, John and Collum Jr.

It should also be noted that Collum was also listed in records as using the first name of Owen which is his legal middle name.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

McCaffery, Keller, Gallagher

Collum McCaffery was born in 1860 in Ireland. In 1875, he immigrated to the Philadelphia area and by 1890 was a citizen of the United States. Both of Collum's parents were born in Ireland.

According to all the census records, Collum had three children. Anna was the eldest followed by John then Collum Jr. (Uncle Coll)

In 1920, Collum lived with his daughter Anna McCaffery Pester and her family on 148 Hermitage Street in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. Anna was 28 years old as was her husband Robert. They had two children Margaret age 3 years old and Robert age 2 years old. Robert was a Mechanic in a Garage.

Post Note; I still cannot trace either John McCaffery in any of the census records. I am not even sure if there were actually one or two different John McCafferys, one being the older son of Collum McCaffery, the other one being the father of my grandmother.

In 1910, there is a family of brothers that is questionable because the eldest brother is a policeman and his name was Edward. The second youngest brother is John who would be at the same age as grandmom's father. However, he is listed as working in a Dye Factory. Family History, known by Word of Mouth said grandmom's father worked in a stable. This same Family History also stated that grandmom's father had several brothers and one was known as a policeman. Other brothers listed in this family were Thomas (Box Factory) and was married to a woman named Bertha, Dommick (Mirror Shop) and the youngest Harry who also worked in a Dye Factory. This family of brothers had parents who were born; Father in Ireland and Mother in Scotland. If this is the family I am looking for then it changes history as we know it because this would make my grandmom not 100% Irish but a mixture of Scot and Irish.

Then there are those names, John and Anna. Collum McCaffery named his only daughter Anna and his first born son John. My grandmom's name was Anna and her father's name was John. I really think that my grandmom's paternal grandparents were named John and Anna McCaffery. Of course I have not found evidence to verify this. But it is a clue to begin research.

In 1930, Collum McCaffery is no longer listed. But of course I could not find records of his daughter's family neither. But I did find records about his son Collum who from this point on is known in all records as simply Coll McCaffery. He lived at 4135 Terrace Street in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. According to records, he purchased this house for 3,000 dollars. He was married to Anna Gallagher McCaffery and had two children Coll age 5 years old and Mary age 2 years old. Living with them was my grandparents William and Anna Gallagher. In addition, my great grandparents William and Mary Gallagher lived there too.

Some interesting facts about the family living at 4135 Terrace Street. Coll was 30 years old. His wife Anna was 22 years old. Coll was a Locomotive Engineer at Midvale Steel. My grandfather was 23 years old and was listed as also working in a Steel Mill. My grandmother was 17 years old. My great grandfather William was 45 years old and was also listed as working in a Steel Mill. My great grandmother was 43 years old and was listed as a Scrub Woman in the Hospital. Though Coll worked at the Midvale Steel Mill, I am not sure what Steel Mill (Pencoyd or Midvale) that the grandparents worked at.

Down the street at 4141 Terrace Street lived John and Sally Gallagher Keller. John purchased this house for 2500 dollars. John was 48 years old and worked in the Steel Mill too. His wife was 43 years old and had listed as her legal first name Sarah. John Keller was Mary Keller Gallagher's brother. Sarah (Sally) Gallagher Keller was William's (Mary's husband) sister.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Now That The Ballots Have Been Counted

I hope that those elected into office bring our country forward and do not get tangled up in pure rhetoric. I also hope that those elected do not take us backward in this fight against terrorists and I sincerely mean that.

There has been a lot of "outcry" over "Civil Rights" since President Bush put into effect such things as "wire-tapping". I wish people could see the picture beyond their own personal agenda. If "wire-tapping" can prevent another 2,000 people from being viciously murdered by folks who disregard human life then I think it is worth it.

I for one have felt "safer" flying. I am not sure I will continue to feel that way if the things that were put in place to protect us are taken away by some liberal-know-it-all.

If you are thinking at this point, "she must be a republican" then you will be surprised to know that I am actually a democrat. I guess I am a conservative democrat if there is even such a thing.

I just do not believe in "placing blame" and "throwing stones". Yes, I believe mistakes were made in this War in Iraq. But, I believe we went into it for the right reasons. I also believe it is time to get out. This is no ordinary war where we knew what we were up against. This is a war were folks have no respect for human life especially their own. In past wars, you knew who the enemy was. Here we have no idea who the enemy is. What we need to do is make our borders secure. Make our country strong so that we can have a defense against those out there willing to kill Innocent people like those in the World Trade Center.

I remember that day clearly. I was taking care of preop patients. The television was on in the waiting room when they broad-casted that the first tower was on fire. As I stood there watching the fire, I saw with my own eyes as the second plane hit that second tower. I also saw with my own eyes as they fell. I also saw with my own eyes the look of pure dread and shock on the face of our president when he was informed at that school what had happened. And please remember, he was in office less then nine months before this ball of messy wax was placed in his lap.

This event was years in the making before his time in office. However, because he was in office when it took place, those around him felt it necessary to place the blame entirely on him.

I remember driving home that day on Highway 95 and noticing the quiet. There were no planes flying overhead. There were no cars on the road. The entire City of Philadelphia was evacuated hours earlier. The phone lines remained jammed. No calls could be made nor any received. I remember feeling unsafe in my own country for the first time in my life. Let's face it not only did New York City get hit (which is only 2hrs away to our north) but so did Washington DC (3hrs away to our south) then one in our own state Pennsylvania. No, I did not feel safe that day. Another thing I noticed that day was the fighter jets as they flew up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

So as I stand here up on my political pulpit, I hope that those elected know what they are doing.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

How Did I Get Here

Standing shoeless and coatless at 230am in the pouring rain with a dog at the end of the leash in the backyard conning her to pee.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Really Have To Think

That if politicians spent a half of their time and money on World Hunger as oppose to Bashing each other during Election time then I believe there would not be any poor starving children in this world. I do not know about you but all those "he said, she said" commercials on television that lead up to Voting Day have gotten worse with each Election year. And quite frankly, I am sick to death of them. As a matter of fact, the commercials have more of an negative affect on me then anything. It makes be so disgusted with both choices on the ballot that I rather just write my dog's name in and vote for her. She probably would have a better grip on things then any of those high powering rich candidates anyway.

Maybe if enough folks get tired and begin to object with this Election behavior, maybe just maybe our politicians would change their negative behavior towards each other and stop the character bashing that has become so popular since Clinton's time in office.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two Weeks And Counting

And I do not mean it is two weeks to the wedding either. It has been two very very long tedious weeks since a certain small dog came to live with us or I should state correctly "shit in my house". There is nothing like waking up to Bill saying "the dog is dancing in her shit". Oh yes, she is restricted to a crate and we limited the amount of space in that "said" crate because historically speaking dogs restricted in small spaces in which they sleep are not suppose to "shit" there. I think someone forgot to mention this to my dog. She does not seem to mind laying or dancing in hers.

Which lead me to research in both books and the Internet "How To Potty Train A Puppy". I followed all their instructions right down to the letter without much success. Then I decided to research her breed. A Puggle is a mixture of Pug and Beagle. The Pug is difficult to house break because of its stubborn will. The beagle is a digger and chewer who is a bloodhound by nature that likes to follow a scent. It is also a high energy dog. Therefore, this type of dog must be fenced in or on a leash at all times because it tends to run away. (now that's an idea. leave the gate open.) So, my sister got me a dog with a "very independent nature that requires much discipline and consistency". Isn't that funny, my sister gave me my "kids" in "dog form". How very sweet of her. I get to raise someone else who will not listen.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Left-Overs

Dear Milky Way Bar,

How I love thee with all your carmel and nougat. It is pure ecstasy to take that first bite into your rich velvet smooth chocolate. I love thee so much that I can hear you as you call to me from the kitchen counter. I know I must present will power and control. But how can I when you will not get out of my mind. I have become obsessed with just the mere thought of you. Who cares that they call you a "fun size". It just gives me the excuse to eat more then just one of you. And more of you I will eat for I will go crazy without the taste of your creamy texture within my mouth. The only solution to this heart rendering problem is that I just go back upstairs and eat all of you until there is nothing left but a crumb which of course I will need to lick tenderly from my finger tips.

The Chocolate Addict